5 Questions that must be asked before going to design a new website

You have decided that you have to do something with your website. What now? Developing or designing a new website shouldn’t be started without the examination. Spend some time talking with the potential customers, assessing your online efforts and investigating your competitor.

Knowing what works best for you, mapping a course to success and establishing goals will deliver a greater return on the critical investment. It is better to get a notebook or create a copy of your answers.

You might be wondering..

What is the need of asking these questions?


It will make the process move along quickly as your team will know what and when you want, making communication between the brand and the web design agency efficient and clear.

Besides with the projected gravity of this scope, you’ll likely have some difficult decisions to make with your group.

2-Scope creep

Preparing properly for website design will help you in defining the project and avoid scope creep or more tasks getting tacked to the existing one as it moves along. By making a specific plan for your website, you can be sure that the project will stay on-course throughout.

Most of the times features come along with the process that you might not have realized were essential before the starting of the project, but more you determine the upfront, the better it will be.

3-Finding the fit that is perfect

The final one but perhaps the most important, these questions will help you to find the right agency for the job. You can get a one-stop destination where you’ll get to explore all the services associated with creating a website taken care by a team that is dedicated to the project.

Here are the 5 vital questions that are must ask yourself before launching a full-fledged website design or redesigning. There are various factors that go into website designing and if you are building the new one for your business, chances are you want to nail it for the first time itself.

1-What is the major function of having a website for your business?

No doubt, these days every brand should have a website but it’s not that pretty thing which is floating aimlessly in cyberspace. It must have a particular purpose to serve your brand properly – be it to inform the customers about your brand or allow them to purchase things.

Also remember always that the website serves the customers not you, so always keep them on top when creating a function that the website will serve.

2-What type of a website does your business need?

Are your products getting sell online? This would require building on the e-commerce platform, a site with a portal of members is entirely different. Is audience subscribing to the online publication or the brand only need a website that is technical with a contact form?

All these differences will entail different platforms and features that are essential to identify from the starting itself.

3-When analyzing the website of a competitor, what are the things you like and don’t like?

This is the vital step in clarifying the features and personality of a website; it also offers a reference for the team of web designing to clearly go through the vision in your head and bring that in front. Take the websites you like and don’t like, then look out for the clear explanation of why it’s like that?

4-What is the most essential information your website must show to the user, especially on the homepage?

If a visitor goes away from your website only after going through the homepage, what’s the desired takeaway he should look for? Try to look for the purpose of a website in a single page of information needed, then use the rest of the website to supplement it.

5-How much extra work will be there and what can you do yourself?

Website creation goes beyond building and designing; it has work from various departments. Here are some things that can be done in-house.

  • Messaging and content

  • Brand guide with colors, logos, fonts, etc.

  • Imagery

Once you get the answers of all the 5 questions, you are ready to get the new website.